Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Paris Gets The Axe

A new photo book called "Inheriting Beauty" is set to be released by celebrity photographer Roger Moenks. The book will feature pictures of the world's most beautiful heiresses including Allegra Hicks, Nadja Swarovski and Casey Johnson. Paris Hilton was meant to be included in the book too, but her entrance was denied by a "unanimous vote" among Moenks and his editors. Moenks' agent Marianne Strong had this to say:

"She's tried to play society like a game of Three-card Monte. Let's hear it for high standards."

This is a really good call by Moenks to not put Paris in the book. Having her in there would give the overall book a feeling of.....trash. In fact, maybe instead of using Paris' photo in the book, they could simply replace it with a picture of a trash bag with a large bow-tie on it, and make it all artsy-style. That would be better than a picture of Paris. What I really wanna know is will Nicky Hilton make the book? That would be a kick in the face to Paris.

Photo Credit: Flynet