Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Britney happy to see Paris Hilton go to jail

According to a recent issue of OK!, Britney is pretty happy that Paris Hilton is going to jail!

Britney Spears wants the heiress to pay in prison. Don’t expect Britney Spears to sign a “Free Paris” petition anytime soon, as the pop star is now gloating over former pal Paris Hilton’s jail sentence. And one insider tells OK! that Brit couldn’t be happier she ended her friendship with the Simple Life star. “Britney is relieved to have distanced herself from her ex-party buddy,” the source says. “Rest assured - you won’t see Britney speaking to Paris through the glass petition in the jail on visiting day…”

[Britney] “blames Paris for a lot of her image problems that she had before rehab,” the insider confides. “Britney is happy to be living clean and sober, far away from Paris’ mess. She’s also glad that the attention of making mistakes is now on somebody else.”


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