Thursday, June 01, 2006

Wedding Bells Already? Denise and Richie

Denise Richards who betrayed her pal Heather Locklear by romancing her soon to be ex hubby Richie Sambora is planning to marry the Bon Jovi guitarist, a published report claims. Wedding Bells - Already? Alan Smith, writing in the Enquirer reports they are already planning a wedding. So that's why she's chasing Richie allover Europe.  In what will either be blockbuster news or sweet relief for Heather and Denise ex Charlie Sheen the magazine claims wedding bells are planned for 2007. "Richie and Denise are defying the naysayers and setting up arrangements for a wedding early next year when hey are free of their bonds," an insider tells the magazine. "This is a serious romance - not two boomerangers.  They feel destined to be together forever." So much so - that Denise dumped her kids on her mom and dad - and headed off to Europe to hang with Richie on tour. That came right after Richie declared that he was single - to an audience of adoring female fans at his concert. The reports claims it will be a small wedding at Denise's newly purchased home.  It all seems very sudden - especially considering the messy ongoing divorce of Denise and Charlie.

Source: National Ledger


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