Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Any Takers? She's a 29 year old virgin...and well she needs not to be!


Manhattanite Sarah DiMuro claims she's a 29-year-old virgin, but she wants to lose that exalted status by the time she turns 30. So she's enlisted the good offices of Jane magazine to help her find the right man for the job - and the deadline is her birthday, Nov. 7. "I'm a little bit anxious about all of this," the 5-foot-5? , 108-pound blond told me yesterday over the phone. "I guess this is why my stomach hurts so much. I never went all the way before because I didn't feel right - I just didn't."

The Catholic-raised Rhode Island native - who writes autobiographical humor pieces and does stand-up comedy when she is not fashioning enticing come-ons ("rich and luscious, moist and decadent") for an online bakery - went on: "Recently I just became startlingly aware of the fact that I'm about to turn 30. Some people buy a new car. Some people get their hair cut differently. "Me, I haven't done so much with my life in terms of social stuff. So this is my adventure - with a kind of scientific method."

DiMuro, who says her first kiss with a boy didn't happen till she was 23, won't discuss her sexual experiences at the all-female Smith College ("What happens at Smith stays at Smith"), but has signed a legal document attesting to her chaste condition. As for a medical exam to verify her claim, "I would be totally willing, I would be thrilled, actually," she said. "Well, don't say 'thrilled.' Say I would be comfortable with that kind of evidence." Predictably, DiMuro's unusual quest has proved a PR bonanza for both herself and the women's mag - which will publish her blog about the multifarious blind dates and her progress,if any, from first base to home plate.

"All this attention freaks me out," she insisted. Oh please!


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