Friday, August 11, 2006

More to Nick then Jessica

Nick Lachey is more than the hunky designer handbag who once hung on the arm of his famous Hollywood star ex-wife Jessica Simpson. Often referred to as Simpson's ultimate red carpet accessory, Lachey is now a lone entity. After four years of marriage the pair's highly public separation last November officially ended in divorce in July.

And, if you believe the tabloids, the demise of their relationship was due to Simpson earning more than her hubby and Lachey's jealousy at her star rising higher and quicker than his. But the real reason is anyone's guess and likely never to be revealed.

Lachey, in Australia to promote his latest album What's Left of Me, says he has finally found resolution. "My favorite track on the album is a song called Resolution, purely because it's saying 'all right, it's time to let go of all that and all those emotions and it's time to move on','' the 32-year-old said.


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