Monday, September 18, 2006

Fashion World Turns on Super Skinny Models

Designer Michael Kors is heading a new trend in fashion - refusing to work with super-skinny models. The American fashion guru admits he's sick of seeing unhealthy, waif-like girls on the catwalk and snubs anyone who looks unnaturally thin. He says, "Thin is fine but it has to be healthy. When I see a model come in and I look and I can tell this is not naturally how they're supposed to look, we don't book them." Kors has been joined by the organisers of the Madrid Fashion Week in Spain, which begins next week - they've insisted all catwalk models taking part pass a body mass index test. In the test, models must pass 18 on a scale based on their height and weight. One model who has been told to stay away from Madrid is superthin catwalk star Fabiana. She says, "I can't go because I'm too skinny for them."

Thank God. So we won't be seeing these super skinny models that were at NY Fashion Week. Yuck this is not attractive at all.


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