Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Joe Simpson Defends Jessica Against Jackass

After 18 months of did-they-or-didn't they debate, Jackass Number Two star Bam Margera confirmed once and for all that he and Jessica Simpson did.

  On Howard Stern's September 19 Sirius radio show, the wild prankster, 27, confessed to Stern that on the night of April 11, 2005, then-married Simpson took him back to her parents’ home in Los Angeles’ Encino area: “We were just drinking margaritas and stuff, and you know, from there…” When Stern asked how Simpson looked naked, Margera told him, “She looked good.”

  “Once,” he said, when asked by a reporter how many times he and Simpson had been intimate. “It was when her parents were away and Nick was away. It’s not a secret." How is Simpson’s camp taking the news? “As a father, I want to go beat the crap out of people who say things like this,” Jessica’s dad/manager, Joe, tells Us Magazine. “It really hurts to hear people say things like this about my daughter.”

  Still, some of Margera’s raunchiness may have rubbed off on the 26-year-old single star. During a recent interview in Allure magazine, the former virgin bride wore a rooster pendant and joked, “I don’t have a c--k at the moment, so I wear one around my neck.”


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