Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bam and Steve-O on Howard Stern: Bam confirms he slept with Jessica Simpson

Steve-O and Bam Margera were on the Howard Stern show, and Howard was able to get some gossip outta them!

Over the course of the interview Howard got Bam to reveal he spent the night with Jessica Simpson while she was with Nick! (when Dukes was filming.). While at the same time claiming the relationship got blown out of porportion, Bam coyly gave up details to confirm he slept with her. He said he bumped into her, (Steve-O - "yeah BUMPED into her") and Bam said they "wound up at her parents house drinking margarites and it went from there..." Later in the interview Bam said he "left at 8 in the morning". Howard asked Bam "Did she look good naked" and Bam's reply was that she had a personal trainer for the movie, mumble muble.. "yeah, she looked good I can't deny that." Howard then pointed out, regardless of whether or not these stories were true, he felt Bam’s association with Jessica made him a legend to his fans, because he didn’t think people would ever believe he could get a girl of that caliber.

Steve-O claims that Christian Slater hit on him at a party when he was drunk, and told him he was cute and sexy and asked if he wanted to go with him. Steve-O later talked to Christians ex-wife and she said "that's what happens when he drinks - he turns gay".

And some hilarious commensts from Steve-O on Nicole Richie... he said she wasn't really into him, she was looking for "some media coverage that wasn't about her being f'ing skinny." He thinks she even called the paparazzi guys. He didn't have sex with her but they made out and he jerked off a couple times in her bed.

Steve-O also added that he did Nitrous Oxide with Paris Hilton!

Source: City Rag and Howard Stern

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