Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Mischa Barton you're so Vain!

Mischa Barton has no interest in dating an actor, because there would be war over who gets to spend the most time in front of the mirror every morning. The former OC star, who is currently dating Whitestarr singer Cisco Adler, admits she is so vain, she couldn't cope with a boyfriend who cared about his appearance as much as her. She says, "Who'd look in the mirror most? It's bad enough with me in the house. "I'm really slow leaving in the morning because I'm lazy and easily distracted, and I also spend far too long looking in the mirror. "It wouldn't be a good idea to have to share my life with a man who cares as much about his looks as I do about mine. "I like to be very careful about my boyfriends and I can't remember meeting any actor and thinking, 'I must get him to take an interest in me.'"

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