Thursday, September 28, 2006

Nicole Richie says there is “no chance” that she’ll reconcile with her former best friend Paris Hilton

The star of “The Simple Life” also says that there’s nothing about the friendship that she misses. “We haven’t been friends in about three years,” Richie told talk show host Tyra Banks, explaining that she and Hilton’s friendship had actually ended a couple of years before Hilton announced it. She denied rumors that the two parted ways when Richie hosted a viewing of Hilton’s infamous sex tape, explaining, “There was no falling out. We’re just not the same people.”

She also blasted buzz that she’s going to reconcile on-air, saying, “That would be just stupid.” Richie also addressed the issue of her weight, flatly denying that she has anorexia or bulimia — and insisted that her thinness is due to nerves. She acknowledged that she needs to pack on a few pounds, but when asked how many, says she doesn’t know, explaining, “I don’t own a scale.”

and picture: Nicole in Elle Magazine

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