Monday, September 11, 2006

Tom and Katie in Attack Mode

If you think that the slew of recent public appearances by Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are just a coincidence, think again: Sources say that this week is just the beginning of a carefully crafted, all-out image-remaking offensive that the couple has launched, culminating in a long-delayed wedding. But powerful Hollywood bigwigs say it's not going to work with them.

The TomKat PR machine has been in fullest attack mode all week, and the latest charge came when Katie and Tom did lunch with the mothers TomKat for the second time this week at the Beverly Hills Hotel. The supposedly feuding families looked notably chummy and happy for the photographers. And in just one week, the couple have managed to use the top-rated newscast and late-night show as well as the most visible hotel and restaurant in Hollywood to attempt a complete image overhaul, not to mention a 22-page spread in Vanity Fair.

Cruise has mouthed off to various Hollywood bigwigs at various venues, including dinners at restaurants, about the evils of certain drugs, knowing that family members of these bigwigs are taking them. They are outraged, and don't believe the new, softer side of Tom for a minute.


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