Monday, September 25, 2006

Vanessa's X-Rated Plan To Keep Nick

Vanessa Minnillo has cooked up at least one way to keep new love Nick Lachey from forgetting about her during his upcoming concert tour. The MTV star plans to send him risqué photos of herself by email. “They have a really solid connection, you know, in the bedroom and she doesn’t want him to forget it,” our source reveals. “Vanessa is very jealous and can’t stand when other girls start flirting with Nick. She has seen the way girls react to him at parties. It doesn’t matter to some of them even if she’s standing right beside him.”

That’s why Vanessa, who first hooked up with Jessica Simpson’s famous ex back in March, also plans to pop in for a surprise visit during at least one stop on the “What’s Left of Me” tour. “She’s thinking the drop-in could be good if it’s early rather than late in the (schedule), while the band is still getting themselves together,” her pal says. “And if he knows she could drop in at any time, he’ll have to be a good boy.”


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