Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Kevin parties in Vegas

Kevin Federline's second son with Britney Spears was born just three weeks ago, but already the aspiring rapper is back to his old bad-boy ways - leaving his wife and babies at home in Malibu to party up a storm in Las Vegas.

Just six months ago, Spears put a semi-permanent kibosh on K-Fed's unquenchable love for Vegas weekends with the guys. Britney his allowance and made him ask for permission for out-of-town trips. But with the birth of her second child, Sutton Pierce Federline, it seems that Spears' attention is distracted. Federline and a crew of his boys took a private jet to the Venetian hotel-casino Friday night for the weekend-long celebration of the one-year anniversary of the club Tao.

"He booked a table at Tao for both nights," said our source. "He was surrounded by women, was drinking a lot and dancing on the banquette. Every time one of the girls tried to take a picture, he freaked out and wouldn't let them." Federline wasn't the only one having a good time in Sin City.

Source and pic x17 online

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