Monday, November 20, 2006

Zoe Snubs Party

Don't expect stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe to be invited back to a Tom Ford party. The former Gucci guru held an exclusive dinner Thursday night in L.A. at Wolfgang Puck's new restaurant Cut at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel for his new fragrance "Black Orchid," where a who's who of Hollywood showed up. As the guests - including David Geffen, Darren Star, John Goldwyn, Jeff Klein, John Demsey, Adrien Brody and Anjelica Huston - took their places, Ford was said to be noticeably irked when he saw Zoe's chair empty. "It was rude. She came for drinks and left, even though it was a small, seated dinner. She went to another party, then came back for dessert to make it look like she had been there all along," said one spy. "It's just not done. So tacky." Perhaps she was just trying to get away from the perfume - which Ford told the Estée Lauder folks he wanted to "smell like a man's crotch."


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