Friday, December 01, 2006

3 Times this Week! Oops! Britney did it again ... and again, and again.

And she didn't seem to care, according to one celebrity photographer who snapped the pop princess with her panties off.

"I didn't see her like, even try to cover, you know," Edwin Merino, a celebrity photographer who snapped Spears sans britches on several occasions around Los Angeles this week told

"Some girls would try to hold their skirts down or something," Merino said.

According to Kelly Davis, vice president of X17Agency in Beverly Hills, which represents Merino, snappers caught Britney with her drawers off three times this week — on Nov. 25, Nov. 27 and Nov. 29 — as the newly single singer cavorted with celebutant Paris Hilton and actress Lindsay Lohan in Lalaland.

Partying Without Panties: What Do You Think of Britney Spears?

To view the NSFW pictures Click Here. and Source

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