Saturday, December 02, 2006

David LaChapelle Thinks Madge is 'Nasty'!

You don't want to cross your Gay Best Friend. Otherwise you might be like Madonna, who got a big queeny tongue-lashing from David LaChapelle this month. In French!

The celebrity photographer told Paris Match magazine he couldn't work with her on a new video because she's "nasty."

"When I started to look at what made me happy, I understood that she was not the person I wanted to collaborate with," he said of the video for her single "Hung Up."

LaChapelle says he was booked to shoot the video, but pulled out because "If the situation is negative, it's better to avoid it if you can."

"She is nice when you are alone with her, but when you work for her, she can be very nasty," he said, according to our translation. "She is with people she employs. I didn't want to be tortured.

"I don't have anything against problems, but that would have been unpleasant. I wouldn't have had fun. There is some cruelty in her."

Check out the interview en francais here.



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