Thursday, December 07, 2006

Tonight at 10PM on MTV 3rd episode of the Real World Denver!

Here is a bit of whats going to go down tonight:
Now that we’ve seen the hook-ups in the new house, it’s time for the fights! After another drunken night out on the town, Davis sneaks back to the house to call his boyfriend and leaves Stephen behind causing Tyrie to go nuts! After a VERY heated conversation, Davis, out of nowhere throws out the N-word and says he’s leaving the house! You know this can’t be good! Fearing for his safety, Davis is escorted from the house. The next day, Davis comes back to the house and announces that he’s leaving the house AND will be seeking treatment for his alcohol abuse – crazy!

If all this kinda makes you wonder how you’d fare in the house, be sure to check out this juicy quiz to tell you who in the new house would be your friend, your enemy or your hookup! Click Here for the Quiz.

Or, if you’re still not convinced about the newbies yet, check out this quiz to find out who you should warm up to depending on your past Real World fav’s Click Here for that Quiz.

Check out more pictures of the cast Click Here.


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