Thursday, January 11, 2007

Does Miss Lohan Have Severe Liver Damage?

Lindsay Lohan's doctors have told her she is suffering from liver damage and that she could die if she doesn't stop drinking soon! The Enquirer has uncovered the REAL story behind Lindsay's recent emergency appendectomy on Jan. 4. "The appendectomy was routine, but what doctors discovered in her blood work was not," a source close to the actress told The Enquirer. "Lindsay's liver panel shows her drinking is taking a terrible toll on her health. Her liver enzymes are extremely elevated, and doctors warned her if she doesn't quit boozing she could die!" The high levels of two particular liver enzymes indicate that some of Lindsay's liver cells are damaged and are leaking these enzymes into her blood. In addition to the raised enzymes, the levels of protein in her liver were shockingly low — so low her doctors "couldn't believe she was even walking around," said an insider. Source

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