Friday, February 23, 2007

Ace Frehley commits suicide!

UPDATE: Ace is Alive? I am completely confused! Internet encyclopedia Wikipedia listed Frehley as dead from suicide, but stated more information concerning the death had yet to be reported or confirmed. It has since removed the death information?

According to Hal Spark's Blog:

I haven't been able to sleep.
I found out about the apparent suicide of Ace Frehley at 2 am

When I grew up in Kentucky the guys in KISS had a profound impact on me.
They were in many way, for better or worse, my primary male role models. as young as 7 years old I would drag the speakers of our stereo out onto the porch and treat it like a stage.. the hill in from of me was a stadium full of people. Ace... always seemed the perfect representation of disconnect. That lack of material connection to the earth plane that is an important part of being an artist. While a lot of KISS' music was very straight ahead. Ace's songs could have a degree of enigmatic play that seemed outside the norm. Songs like "Strange Ways", "Ozone" and the instrumental "Fractured Mirror" gave a depth to KISS' catalogue it would have missed otherwise. I truly love these songs.

Ultimately Ace would be overtaken repeatedly by the demons that made these songs come alive. In July of '82, not long after leaving KISS, Ace was involved in a major car accident after leading police on a high speed chase. Drugs and Alcohol would dog him most of his career.

It was Ace's excesses as well as Gene and Paul's abstinence that taught me to stay away from Drugs. Sometimes our best role models show us what Not to do.

Ace is survived by His Wife Jeanette, His daughter Monique and the millions of us who were affected by his music and his showmanship. I for one will miss his amazing vibrato and his ridiculous laugh.

Thanks Ace....

You helped me get off that porch in Kentucky and find who I could be.

I'm sorry I never got to tell you.

According to Wikipedia: Paul Daniel Frehley, aka Ace Frehley (born April 27, 1951, died February 22, 2007) is an American guitarist best known as a founding member and lead guitarist for the rock band Kiss. Frehley played with the group from its inception in 1973 until his departure in 1982.

In what appears to be an apparent suicide, musician Ace Frehley was pronounced dead as a result of cardiac arrest after consuming more than two-dozen sleeping pills. Complete details are not yet available, as this story is still developing.

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