Friday, February 23, 2007

Madonna Banning Lourdes From Dating Until She is 18

Madonna has banned her daughter from dating until she is 18. The singer got worried when ten-year-old Lourdes attracted a lot of attention at the premiere of new animated film 'Arthur and the Invisibles' - in which Madonna voices a character - and has warned her to stay away from men until she is an adult.

A source told the National Enquirer magazine: "It must come from her strict Catholic upbringing. "Everyone told Lourdes how gorgeous she is at the 'Arthur and the Invisibles' premiere, which sent a red alert to Madonna! "It made her nervous to think that in just a few years guys would be hitting on her only girl." Madonna has previously admitted to being a strict parent.

Madonna - who is married to British film director Guy Ritchie - said: "My kids don't watch TV. We have televisions but they're not hooked up to anything but movies. TV is trash. I was raised without it. We don't have magazines or newspapers in the house either. "My daughter has a problem picking things up in her room. So if you leave your clothes on the floor, we put them in a trash bag. She has to earn them back by being tidy. I'm a disciplinarian. Guy's the spoiler."


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