Saturday, February 24, 2007

Nicole Kidman Wants a Baby

Despite angrily dismissing the various pregnancy rumours over the years, Nicole Kidman now said she’d love to have a baby with husband Keith Urban.

Speaking in conversation with friend Russell Crowe on Oprah Winfrey’s pre-Oscars special yesterday, she said: “Am I going to have a baby? I hope so.”

Russell then asked if she is “going to carry a baby?”, she replied, “I would hope so.”

Russell added: “I want to see you walking around barefoot and pregnant,” which made Nicole smile and say: “I’d like to see that, too.”

Nicole also used the opportunity to talk about Keith’s recovery since leaving rehab: “Keith is doing very well. We’ve been through a lot.”

“We’ve dug really deep. Three months into our marriage we had to dig really deep. And that’s what we are doing. We’re in the process of doing that.”


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