Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ryan Seacrest Crushes on Matt Lauer

“American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest revealed his “man crush” on TODAY's Matt Lauer to Meredith Vieira during her recent appearance on his radio show in Los Angeles. Vieira recounted her conversation with Seacrest Thursday morning on TODAY.

“I'm enamored by him. I find him very interesting. I like him. He's one of my favorite people on TV,” gushed Seacrest.

Ellen K, fellow 102.7 KIIS-FM host, offered some insight on Seacrest's obsession: “Meredith, he met Matt. He was on your show from here, live from Los Angeles, and he has not stopped talking about Matt Lauer.”

“That's not true,” replied Seacrest. “Did you tell Matt?,” asked Vieira. “No, I haven't told him.” “Well, I'm telling him tomorrow!” Vieira joked.

The “Idol” host also shared with Vieira an interesting dream he had about him and Lauer, where he and the TODAY host shared an apartment, and served as “wingmen” for each other.

Lauer countered this morning with a reference to Vieira's appearance on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” where she discussed her dream in which she appears naked in front of “Good Morning America” host Diane Sawyer.

TODAY's Al Roker also provided some fodder for the late night talk shows. Conan O'Brien, host of “Late Night with Conan O'Brien,” asked the morning show weatherman about his recent nickname for male guests.

“I noticed that on the TODAY show, you started referring to good-looking male guests — John Mayer, John Stamos or Hugh Jackman — you've started referring to them as man candy. What does it take to qualify as man candy? And you can be honest with me, would I qualify, if I came on the TODAY show, as man candy?,” asked O'Brien.

“You're more of a man veggie,” Roker joked.


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