Friday, March 30, 2007

Allegra Versace Dying of Anorexia

Donatella Versace's daughter is said to be dying from anorexia — after her weight plummeted to 70 pounds. Friends of Allegra Versace, 20, fear her heart and kidneys could fail at any time.

Allegra, who inherited half the family fashion empire, is fighting the eating disorder in a secure clinic in Los Angeles — isolated from family and friends. She is fed through a naso-gastric tube.

Mother Donatella, 52, revealed last night: “My daughter is very ill. Anorexia is consuming her and we are very worried.” A friend added: “Doctors fear for her life. She risks heart failure any time. Her kidneys are in a mess and she’s being tube fed but it’s not working. Donatella is distraught but Madonna has been a tower of strength.”

Sun Doctor Carol Cooper said: “You’re only fed through a tube if you are seriously ill.” Allegra’s illness fuels the row over size zero models. The Sun has campaigned to ban them from catwalks.


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