Friday, March 02, 2007

Angelina Flips Out Over Brad's Secret Love Note To Jen!

Maybe Jennifer Aniston was right when she said Brad Pitt was missing "a sensitivity chip!" Because just as his live-in love, Angelina Jolie, was mourning the death of her mother, Marcheline Bertrand (she died from ovarian cancer on Jan. 27), he decided to send ex-wife Jen a card for her 38th birthday on Feb. 11. And not only that — he signed it "with love, Brad." "It was an affectionate gesture on his part, and he sees no reason not to reach out and extend an olive branch," a source tells Star. And then he casually mentioned it to Angelina in passing.

Talk about bad timing! An already sad Jolie "hit the roof!" the source says. "Brad saw nothing wrong with his behavior. He said, 'You should never burn bridges,' and reminded her that he and Jen may have no future together, but they could still be friends." But, says the source, right now, given the loss of her mom, "Angelina is unsteady and none of this went down well."


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