Friday, March 02, 2007

Lindsay Lohan Allegedly Drives Drunk while on a Rehab Break

Lindsay Lohan's publicist has fired back at the mother of a young fan after the 40-something New Yorker alleged the Mean Girls star was driving drunk after a Hollywood party.

Ellen Morrissey has gone public with her nightmare Lohan encounter, claiming the troubled actress reeked of alcohol as she sped off, almost hitting the mother and her daughter Erin, 13, after the teenager asked to have her photo taken with the star.

Speaking to America's National Enquirer, Morrissey recalls spotting Lohan outside celebrity hang-out the Hotel Roosevelt at 2:30am on February 18 when the actress was on a break from rehab.

She ran up to Lohan and begged her to pose for a picture with her daughter, a huge fan.

Morrissey says, "Lindsay was holding a glass of clear liquid with a wedge of lemon in it, and she seemed to slur when she spoke. She also appeared to stagger to her car."

After initially agreeing to pose for the snapshot, Lohan then sped off in her Mercedes, prompting the Morrisseys to jump out of the way.

But Lohan's representatives are playing the incident down, stating, "Ellen Morrissey should be more concerned about her daughter being up at 2:30am than about Lindsay."



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