Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Jen: Driving Courteney & David Apart?

Courteney Cox is frequently surrounded by her bitter girlfriends, and the constant negativity may be taking a toll on her nearly eight-year marriage with David Arquette. A source tells Star “Some people think they (Courteney’s girlfriends) have it all, but they are a ‘glass half-empty’ bunch. They’re down on love, and they seem to complain a lot.”

The women certainly have plenty to gripe about: Jen Aniston is still recovering from her breakup with Vince Vaughn, and her divorce from Brad Pitt; and Sheryl Crow, dealing with her recent disengagement from Lance Armstrong. In hopes to offer support and sympathy she gives a rundown on why her marriage isn’t perfect. Star’s source believes, “this creates problems between her and David that wouldn’t be there otherwise.” “Courteney is probably suddenly seeing more negative traits in David,” adds another source. “But now I bet he can’t do anything right.” And in turn, David is spending time alone to give Courteney the space she needs.


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