Tuesday, March 06, 2007

She Drops 20 Pounds: Katie’s Weight

Mrs. Tom Cruise is Tinseltown’s latest toothpick. Here’s why Suri’s mom won’t stop dropping pounds. Is Katie Holmes the latest Hollywood beauty to join the scary-skinny club?

At Vanity Fair’s Oscar after Party at Morton’s eatery in L.A. on Feb 25, the star’s strapless Armani gown revealed a bony back, prominent clavicle and spindly arms—all of which shocked many in the A-List crowd! “Katie looks very thin,” confirms an insider. At an estimated 125 pounds, 5’9” Katie, 28, has already lost more than the 40 pounds she gained carrying daughter Suri, thanks to a 1,000 calorie-a-day, high protein, low-fat diet, sources say. The weight loss regimen was designed to squeeze Katie into her slim, ivory silk Armani wedding gown for her November 2006 wedding to Tom Cruise. Her quest for fitness is now linked to her quest for career super stardom. “She wants to win an Oscar,” says another source. It seems as if she might be using Tom’s ex as her role model. Katie was seen eagerly schmoozing with ultra thin Nicole Kidman – who landed an Oscar in 2002 for The Hours – at the Vanity Fair party. “I think Katie feels she needs to be skinny to be successful,” says the source. You could call it ‘Oscar Fever,’ the figure-ravaging syndrome that’s infecting more and more ambitious actresses – with horrifying results! “It’s almost like a psychological addiction."


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