Friday, April 06, 2007

Britney Snags Another Winner

Going to new lengths to make her family proud, the recently rehabbed Britney Spears has made yet another stellar decision in choosing a male cohort. This time it's twice arrested Howie Day. I'm pretty sure he sang a song once that was sort of popular, or something.

Aside from singing that one song that time a few years back (or something) Day is known for his run ins with the law. In 2004 he was arrested for locking a woman in the bathroom of his tour bus after she refused his sexual advances. The following year, he was arrested at Logan Airport for being verbally abusive toward an American Airlines flight crew and smoking in the aircraft's bathroom.

Day and Brit met during their simultaneous stints at the Promises rehab facility, and sources say Britney "fell hard" for the one hit wonder. "Britney just lights up and seems back to her old self when she talks to Howie or tells people about him," gabs the insider. "She thinks he's very talented - and says he's the best kisser ever!" I sort of just threw up a little.

Not suprisingly, the fallen star's mother Lynne Spears isn't too thrilled with Britney's post-Federline choice of mate.

"Lynne wants Britney to be with someone outside the music industry," reveals a family spy. "Howie is always on the road and exposed to influences that are discouraged in rehab."

Influences that are discouraged in rehab? Like dating Britney Spears? Because I'm reasonably certain that "Stop dating Britney Spears" is step seven on the road to recovery. If Lynne Spears is worried, Howie Day's mother must be frantically cutting by now.


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