Friday, April 06, 2007

Casting Directors Pass on Duff

Word has it that Hilary Duff is none too pleased with some casting directors who just aren't that into her. The 19-year-old actress/singer recently set her eyes upon a juicy script and found herself casually turned down for the role, being told that the studio simply wasn't interested in auditioning her.

Says the teen star, "It always shocks me, the lack of openness, the lack of imagination that some casting directors have. I would read a script and be so in love with that, and someone would be like 'Hilary Duff? Oh no, we don't want her for that.' "

What I wouldn't give to hear the tail end of that conversation. In my heart of hearts, I imagine it went something like "So then I'd be all 'Whatever, I'm perfect for Mia Wallace,' and then they'd be all 'Mia Wallace? Ms Duff, Pulp Fiction was made in 1994,' so then I'd be like 'Sequel?! DUH!' Oh my God! I want a puppy. LOVE ME!"

Cheaper by the Dozen 3, anyone?


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