Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hayden Panetierre is Sexy and Illegal

Hayden Panettiere, known as an actress with fabulous hair firstly and for licking strange objects secondly, has been listed among the ten sexiest women alive, according to British readers of FHM.

I'm not sure how entirely interesting or alarming this is. TMZ questions whether or not this ranking (she was ranked #6) is "hot" or "creepy". Eh...she's 17. It's not like we're talking about a twelve year old here. THAT would be icky. But seventeen is gosh darn close to being legal to the masses. I mean...there's a damn good reason they have an age of consent and a law for this sort of thing, you know. And that reason is that seventeen year-olds are hot and folks tend to want to sleep with them. Maybe I'll have a different take on this when Daniel Radcliffe is of consenting age and my Hogwarts-ridden fantasies aren't a badge of shame. Until then, I say good for Hayden (but please stop licking things).


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