Monday, April 30, 2007

Rosie To Replace Rosie On The View

Sources have identified Roseanne Barr as the top contender to replace Rosie O'Donnell on The View. Other contenders include Joan Rivers, Whoopi Goldberg, Kathie Lee Gifford and Connie Chung.

"They're missing strong personalities on that show, and that's what they're going to need if they want to keep it going," an ABC staffer close to the situation told the Post. "It's going to be hard for them to follow Rosie," says an industry insider. "Roseanne could be the only one capable of pulling it off."

I don't know who is responsible for scouting replacements for The View but apparently the main requirement is that you have to be a fat, annoying, lesbian-esque woman. Or maybe just someone who is fat and annoying. They could probably hire a Tasmanian devil to replace Rosie O'Donnell and it would be less annoying.


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