Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Britney And Howie Have A Sleepover

Britney is apparently embarking on a new love-life adventure with fellow Promises rehab compadre, singer Howie Day, 26. The pair were spotted at L.A. clubs Bridge and Teddy's, then spent the night at Britney's Beverly Hills home (the kids must have been at K-fed's).

In 2004, Day, the lead singer of "Collide" was arrested for allegedly locking a female fan in the bathroom after she refused his sexual advances. According to a complaint, Day then also broke the cell phone of another woman while trying to call police.

Looks like Brit has finally found a winner! I don't know if Britney has ever seen an episode of Intervention, but she should probably think twice about dating a fellow rehab alum. Add on the assault arrest and you are looking at a trifecta. Seriously though, this guy somehow may just be better than K-fed. I bet Brit's family is thankful he is just a rehab flunky and isn't planning to release the World's greatest rap album.



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