Thursday, May 03, 2007

Busta Rhymes Arrested for DUI

Rapper Busta Rhymes was arrested early this morning in New York City for a DUI. Apparently officers pulled over the rapper for his excessive tinted windows. When police questioned Busta he had a “strong odor of alcohol on his breath.” According to NYPD spokesman Detective John Sweeney:

When they asked him to present his paperwork, “he dropped his wallet to the ground” while showing it to the officers. Police administered a field sobriety test and Sweeney said Rhymes blew a .147, which is above the .08 legal limit in New York. The officers arrested Rhymes for the misdemeanor crime of driving while impaired. At press time, Rhymes was still in central booking awaiting an appearance in front of a judge later in the day Thursday.



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