Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Charlize Theron High as a Kite

It appears as if Charlize Theron was really high or drunk when she decided to turn a catwalk modeling session in front of a NYC restaurant the other night. Apparently she was runway modeling without an actual show taking place anywhere in the vicinity.

Glitzy Oscar winner Charlize Theron didn't need a red carpet to show off her modelicious moves Monday night. Spies outside downtown eatery La Esquina saw the star "putting on a show . . . catwalking in front of the restaurant." One bystander asked, "What's wrong with her?" Another told Page Six, "She was doing that walk for almost five minutes."

This is kind of an odd story, but it could be true based on the apple bong pics that were taken of Charlize a while back. She must get some really good shit. I bet that guy who is posing in the picture with her is her dealer, he looks like a bonafide stoner.



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