Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Trouble for Demi & Ashton....

Ashton Kutcher is getting fed up with Demi Moore’s demands and complaints about everything from his light social drinking to his sexy young costars, a source tells Star. A friend reveals, “Demi seems very controlling. She likes to tell Ashton what to do, too – stand here, meet this person, do that. She wears the pants in that relationship.” According to a source Ashton desperately wants a baby, and has to deal with the possibility that Demi will likely never bear his baby.

On March 24, tension was brewing between the couple at a ritzy event at a producer friend’s home in Bel-Air. When Ashton accepted a glass of champagne, after Demi refused the offer, “Demi shot Ashton a look that said ‘I’m not drinking, so you shouldn’t either. Ashton gave her a defiant look that appeared to say he didn’t care, and he took a sip.” Demi doesn’t want him to do anything unhealthy because of their difficulty in trying to have a baby together. The baby issue is a major sore point for the couple, a source adds, “Demi probably feels horrible about letting Ashton down, and her way of handling the situation is to take out her frustrations out on him.”

Middle-aged Demi may fear that her sex appeal may no longer be potent enough to hold his interest, “she doesn’t want him to do movies with beautiful young costars who might snatch him away!” “The bottom line is Demi and Ashton love each other. But it’s tough going right now!”


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