Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Joe Dirt

Creator of Girls Gone Wild, Joe Francis, was moved last night from his cell in Bay County Jail to a facility in nearby Jackson County. The transport was completed under the watch of US Marshals. Sources revealed that Joe's stint in his cell at Bay County Jail were making him cry "every day." He sure looks happy in his new home in this mugshot.

According to sources, the federal government is planning to transport Francis to Nevada where he will face tax evasion charges. Francis failed to appear in court this morning at Judge Dee Dee Costello's courtroom where he faced criminal charges of using minors in a sexual performance. Reportedly, officials in the Florida State's Attorneys office have filed a motion to prevent Francis from leaving the state.

This guy is a class-A dirtbag. Tax evasion, using minors in a sex video, and yet he's smiling in his mugshot. Maybe he is hopped up on anti-depressants? Surely he's taking them to calm his woes about the mob of prisoners waiting for fresh meat.


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