Monday, May 21, 2007

Kid Rock scrams from Cannes because of Pam

Kid Rock had to flee a restaurant in Cannes Thursday night when his ex, Pamela Anderson, walked in.

The rocker had been celebrating the French film festival at Baoli with his newer model, May Anderson, along with singer James Blunt and sizzling Swedish centerfold Victoria Silvstedt. The bash was thrown by Unik, owner of New York's Gin Lane.

"All of a sudden," says our spywitness, "Kid is like, 'Let's go, let's go!' He grabs May and pulls her out, and they leave right away. Kid Rock freaks out, and I've never seen him like that in my life. He left James Blunt there!"

Rock left Blunt clueless in the loo, but they hooked up later at the V.I.P. Room, where strippers abounded and Jude Law was sitting on the floor, philosophizing.


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