Monday, May 14, 2007

Leonardo In Trouble?

A couple who lives next door to Leonardo DiCaprio in the Hollywood Hills sued him Thursday, claiming that a basketball court that the actor built on his property in 2004 has ruined the land supporting their backyard pool. Ronald and Joan Linclau are seeking approximately $250,000 in damages for trespass, removal of lateral and subjacent support of land, and nuisance, according to court documents in the Los Angeles Superior Court.

The complaint states that when Leo installed the court, the construction extended onto the Linclau's property, destabilizing the slope behind their house. The suit does not mention anything regarding the pool being damaged. According to the Linclaus, Leo knew the work was going to damage their property and refused to stop construction or pay for any damages. A spokesman for DiCaprio could not be reached for comment.

This whole thing sounds fishy to me: For one, Leo is one of the most environmental-friendly actors out there, so I doubt he would knowingly degrade someones land. Two, he is a multi-millionaire, wouldn't he be able and happy to pay "damages" and avoid litigation and negative publicity? Three, this couple already lives in the Hollywood Hills and has a pool, they obviously don't need to sue him. Four, apparently they haven't seen The Departed, or otherwise they would leave Leo alone because he's wicked violent.


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