Thursday, May 24, 2007

Natalie Portman Dating SNL Member?

Us Weekly is reporting that a romance has been brewing between Natalie Portman and SNL cast member Andy Samberg of the hilarious Chronicles of Narnia Rap Video Fame. Portman got to know Samberg during her stint hosting SNL and also when they both performed in another gangsta rap video which mocks Natalie's normally quiet and reserved persona, portraying her as a gritty gangsta rapper.

It wasn't until Natalie had parted ways with Gael Garcia Bernal that she was ready to pursue a relationship with Samberg.

"If Andy is dating Natalie, I'm extremely jealous," Samberg's castmate, Kenan Thompson, 29, tells Us.
A Portman source has equal praise: "A nice Jewish boy would be good for her."

I think this would be one celeb relationship that might actually have a chance at working out since Natalie seems to be a pretty cool chick and Samberg is hilarious. Best of luck to them. Also, check out the rap videos if you have a chance, they are both pretty damn funny.


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