Friday, May 18, 2007

Nicole Richie Is A Brat

Everyones favorite bag of antlers, Nicole Richie, reportedly acted like a diva from hell on the set of "The Simple Life" this season.

During the shoot, we're told Nicole constantly showed up late, and upon swanning in would impose a deadline on producers, saying "You've got me for an hour or two."
Our sources also say that Richie upped her unreasonable behavior to another level during the final shoot of the season, when the all-important "show open" was being taped. Nicole turned up "several hours late" with boyfriend Joel Madden, and then gave producers another impossible deadline. After a serious blow-out argument, we're told producers had to call her agents just to get her to stay on-set.

Nicole's rep of course denied everything, which is expected. I don't understand how Nicole thinks she is entitled to anything? She is a skeleton who was adopted and happens to have a famous, rich father. She can't act, can't sing and basically just occupies space. I have simple solution for the producers: FIRE HER! I'm sure they can find somebody else who looks like they have late-stage cancer who will wonder around and whine at stuff, but who will at least be on-time and not a demanding bitch.


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