Wednesday, May 30, 2007

No Fat Chicks for Nicole

Nicole Richie emailed friends inviting them to a Memorial Day party on Sunday May 28th. The kicker was that the invitation said no girls over 100 lbs. would be admitted.

"There will be a scale at the front door. No girls over 100lbs allowed in. Start starving yourself now. See you all then!!!"

The party was held at "Masha's" house, a nickname for Paris Hilton. Mischa Barton , a guest at the party, collapsed and was hospitalized after mixing alcohol with antibiotics. Nicole's rep insists that she was kidding in the email.

"This invitation was sent via email to her friends who understand that she was responding in a joking manner to the constant untruths printed about her in the media.

I would hate to be a rep for one of these "celebs", you basically have to lie through your teeth day after day, no matter how obvious, just to give your starlet an ounce of saving grace. I'm sure Nicole doesn't have an eating disorder, shes just "naturally" weighs 84 pounds. Maybe she put the 100 lbs limit in the email so that only 12-year-olds 9-year-olds showed up to her party, they would be more her mental speed anyways.


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