Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Splitsville: Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias!

Spanish crooner Enrique and Russian tennis beauty Anna have parted after five years together. He confessed: “We’ve split. I’m single now and it’s OK. I don’t mind being single.” Enrique hinted Kids were a factor. He said: “I’m not ready for children. “I don’t feel like taking on such a responsibility yet. But in the future I’d like two children.”

Only recently he revealed that he had no intention of marrying feisty blonde Anna because “it wouldn’t make a difference”. But now it seems his reluctance to commit was a sign the relationship was rocky.

The glamour couple had been dating since Anna starred as Enrique’s girlfriend in the video for his No3 hit Escape in 2002. They went through a tough time a few years later when Enrique was accused of having a fling with an Australian girl.

But three years ago Anna was spotted wearing a huge diamond on her ring finger. Enrique coughed to the separation in Swedish capital Stockholm on Friday, where he was doing interviews. Anna, currently in the States, reacted by hitting the town in Vegas.


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