Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Heidi Klum Eats Like A Normal Person

Heidi Klum recently had an interview where she revealed that she never felt at home on the catwalk.

" I have always been too round for fashion shows. I don’t look weird enough for them to want me on the catwalk, and that’s fine."
"The other girls are always much taller and skinnier, so it was just isn’t my girl. I stick to what I am good at and have never been prepared to starve myself to death and do crazy stuff just to be a thin rail, and fit into their clothes."

I applaud Heidi for actually eating like a normal human being. That is probably one of the reasons that she looks so radiant and so damn hot! Her body is actually getting the vitamins and nutrients it needs instead of overdoses of cocaine and bouts of bulimia.

Photo Credit: WENN


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