Friday, June 01, 2007


I almost hate to beat the coked-out, near-dead horse that is Lindsay Lohan's life, but this was too good to pass up. Back in 2005 Lindsay filmed a little public service announcement with the band Simple Plan, warning people of the dangers of drinking and driving. During the video, Lindsay actually busts out a giggle as if to laugh at herself for doing this type of PSA.

Check out the video HERE!

Ahhh, the irony! I'm guessing Lindsay was probably drunk when she filmed this PSA and was laughing at herself as if she knew the downhill path her life would continue to take after this PSA was filmed. Of all people to film a drunk-driving PSA! That's like having Nicole Richie film an anti-anorexia PSA or Paris Hilton film a MENSA commercial or Rosie O'Donnell filming an ant-lesbian/fat/pig ad. You get my point. Enjoy the video.


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