Monday, October 31, 2005

Hillary and Joel Dress up for Halloween

They were attending Haylie Duff's Halloween Party. Joel is Alex from A Clockwork Orange. Hillary, no freaking clue..any thoughts?

Source: ONTD

Crazy Kids from Laguna Beach

Another exciting episode of Laguna Beach will air tonight. What are those crazy kids up to. Well looks like Kristin and Brody may have purchased a puppy together, isn't he cute and isn't that cute.

Jen (LC"s pool buddy) dressed up for Halloween.

Stephen not only likes to take hits from the bong but also likes to booze it up.

Debra Messing and her son in a Pumpkin Patch, cute too!

Denise Richards and her two kids all dressed up for Halloween, cute!

In Memory of River Phoenix

Remember River Phoenix? I used to love him when I was growing up. He died on Halloween when he was 23.

Born - August 1970 in Madras, Oregon.

Died - October 31, 1993 Hollywood, California.

Source: JJB

Happy Halloween the Hilton's are Out to SCARE You!!!

Lindsay's High School Photos

Mischa and Cisco

Mischa Barton finally goes public in this exclusive picture of the OC star kissing her new boyfriend Cisco Adler at an Italian restaurant in Malibu. Musician and club owner Cisco is Kimberly Stewart ex boyfriend. Both have been an item for three months.

Source: JJB

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Paris Hilton Slutdate

Who's Slept With Paris Hilton Update

1.) Paris Latsis
2.) Rick Solomon
3.) Nick Carter
4.) Eddie Furlong
5.) Deryck Whibley
6.) Simon Rex
7.) Jason Shaw
8.) Nicole Lenz
9.) Tom Sizemore
10.) Niarchos Stavros
11.) Leonardo DiCaprio
12.) Scott Scortch
13.) Mark McGrath
14.) Chad Micheal Murry
15.) Mark Philippoussis
16.) Jamie Kennedy
17.) Fred Durst
18.) Brian Urlacher
19.) Rob Mills
20.) Robert Evans
21.) Oscar De La Hoya
22.) Ingrid Casares
23.) Brandon Davis
24.) Collin Farrel
25.) Vincent Galo
26.) Jared Leto
27.) Sting's Son (name?)
28.) Eglantina Zingg
29.) Trae Lindley aka "Chops"

I know there is still more.....

Photo Source: ONTD

A Laguna Yearbook Sold for $465 on Ebay

Want to purchase your very own copy of Laguna Beach High School Yearbook? Well now you can.


Cameron and Justin at The Recording Academy Honors

You Only Live Once

Nicky and Paris kick it to the movies and to Koi for dinner. For once I would like to see a picture of Paris all scrubbed out laying on her couch. Can someone find a photo like that, that would be a unique picture.

Jessica Biel is Esquires Sexiest Woman Alive

Esquire magazine recently decided that Jessica Biel is the sexiest woman alive.

Everyone in Hollywood is Short including Ryan Phillippe

Everyone in Hollywood is short, but I still love Ryan. Someone emailed me some gossip about Ryan Phillippe and what he has been up to recently.....

"So a friend of mine lives in Chicago and he's trying to do the acting thing. Right now he's filming the new Clint Eastwood movie and Ryan Philippe and Jessie Metcalf (bring it on) are in it.. It's a 1940s themed movie, but anyway... its not extremely interesting but at least Ryan is getting back into the acting thing.... my friend said he's nice, but really intense. Also he's really short too. "

Thanks so much for the info S!

Nicole Ritchie's Engagement Ring

Do you know this ring cost 10,000. That is really not that much money for celebrities, do you think? It's nice but I thought it would be more...

Source: ONTD

Dunst is a Drunk

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Hurricane Wilma SUCKS!

So I was all excited for any of you that didn't know I was supposed to go to the wonderful, beautiful, South Beach Florida. A little place I like to call Disney World for adults. Oh I have such a glorious time in Sobe and this time was to be no different, I was actually hoping it might be a little crazier than usually just because I the crew I was rolling with and the fact it was Halloween weekend. So after MUCH consideration because of the recent Hurricane Wilma I have cancelled my trip. Instead I will be spending the weekend here in nice cold Cleveland, really there is no comparison.

However, the only thing that is making everything kind of OK is that my cousin throws a big Halloween party every year, I was a little bummed I was going to miss it this year (Sobe is totally worth it though) but now I can still go. However, I was a little uncertain as to what I would be, last year it was a Dark Angel (kind of fitting) the year before Girl Scout (totally fitting) and the year prior Space Girl ( I am outta this world).

So my biggest worry now is how can I find a great costume with so little time? Luckily I ran across a fabulous site that has given me numerous ideas to choose from, thanks What a F*cking Shame Boston for making this very difficult day a little brighter.

More Paris and Stavros Frolicking (F*cking) at the Beach

Lindsay's Lips

Did Lindsay Lohan do something different to her lips? Like inject them with some fat from her ass? Just a thought.

Ben and a very large Jen crusing the streets

Laguna Graduation

Yeah... the gang all graduated, like how totally random! Well most of them anyway..... Talan supposedly got his GED instead (he is recording an album you know) and Jason, well they didn’t really address it but he did not graduate. LC dump that HS dropout.

Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling Shopping

Look these two might be dating. Call me corny but I lLOVE her and I LOVE him, probably because I LOVE The Notebook. Ok but who didn't? That movie ruled even if it is a total chick flick, I made my guy friend watch it one time and he totally fought me on it saying, "oh no way I will hate it." By the end of the movie he was telling me it was, "one of the best movies EVER!" Right on sissy boy.

According to EGOTASTIC they may be engaged.