Friday, July 29, 2005

Help Feed Lindsay

There has now been a site started to help get Lindsay back to her old self, it starts by eating.......

Go To Feed Lindsay CLICK HERE

Surprise Tara Reid Wasted

Party Animal Tara Reid at it again. Man does she looked bombed or what.....

Paris's mother does not approve

According to Female First UK, "Paris Hilton's future mother-in-law has urged her son to dump the hotel heiress because of her saucy past. Billionaires Mariana Kourkoulo, mother of Paris Latsis, was reportedly left fuming after learning the socialite had posed for steamy glamour shots and once bared in all in a sex tape with former beau Rick Salomon. Furious Mariana is said to have insisted the smitten pair call off their upcoming nuptials. The couple announced they are to wed after a whirlwind four-month affair and are set to tie-the-knot later this year. A source close to the family told America's Star magazine : "She was frankly disgusted and had to make her feelings known to her son. She told him he is making the family a laughing stock "And she told her son that for the sake of the family's honour he must never marry Paris, Mariana told him to get rid of her now.". Sexy Paris recently confessed she wants children with her Greek shipping heir fiancé She revealed: "I really want to have Paris' children. "I love him more than I have ever loved anyone."

The Dukes of Hazzard Premier

Here is everyone at the Dukes of Hazzard Premier, this movie is going to suck! Everyone in involved is going to embarrass themselves I am calling it now. This movie will be in the theatre less than a month. Everyone looks great though. Can Joe and Tina Simpson please get a life. They totally ride off the coattails of their daughters fame. It would totally annoy me if my parents were everywhere I was 24/7.

Linday looses herself

According to UK Female First, "Lindsay Lohan was confused throughout her relationship with first love Wilmer Valderrama. The beautiful actress said the 'That '70s Show' actor made her feel so insecure, she forgot who she really was. She revealed: "In the past, I was very insecure when I had a boyfriend. "Your whole life becomes about them, and you lose touch with your friends. When I got back with my friends I was more myself.". Meanwhile, Lindsay has thanked her drug-taking Dad for her clean-living life. The screen beauty claims she would never take cocaine after seeing how her father's addiction ruined her family. She revealed to Britain's B magazine: "If I hadn't witnessed my Dad, I may have gone a different route But I've seen how it literally tore my parents apart. "I've never taken cocaine I've seen my father and it messes your life up."

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Jennifer Garner is having a girl

Jen having a girl? Jennifer Garner is reportedly due to give birth to a girl and call her Violet. The star, who is married to Ben Affleck, is expecting her first child later this year. Garner is said to have left a telling sign of the baby's sex while filming her new movie Catch and Release in Vancouver, Canada. According to a source said: "She has a baby name book in her trailer. I don't know if they just like how the name Violet sounds or if it is a family name."

Tara and Paris in St. Tropez on Tuesday at a Swarovski party.

This photo needs no explanation! Tara is definately getting Wild in St. Tropez.

Danny from the Real World attackers have been caught

According to the Daily Texan, "The man who may have been responsible for breaking the face of Danny Jamieson, MTV's 'The Real World Austin's' cast member, was indicted for two counts of aggravated assault in June. Ryan Richard Getman, an Austin resident, was arrested after still pictures were extracted from the video MTV had of the fight, which occurred on Sixth Street in Austin's renowned entertainment district. Jamieson also gave the officer copies of his medical records and X-rays after the incident. The station producer reported to the police that they mistakenly believed the man to be "Brian Getman" and gave officials his address. A verbal confrontation between housemate Wes and other Sixth Street revelers led up to physical disaster for Jamieson. The squabble, televised nationally in June, showed Jamieson being knocked to the ground when trying to pull Wes out of a fight and then being punched on the left side of his face. The next few episodes went through the injuries the cast member suffered, his doctor's visits and surgery. In Jamieson's statement to the police and on camera he described his injuries as a broken cheek bone, broken orbital bone, damage to the nerves in his face, and damage to his eye and to his vision. "When [he] closes his right eye, the left eye's vision is blurry. It is not as good as it used to be," Officer Jerry Sullivan reported in court documents. Sullivan said he looked at the pictures MTV gave him and believed they matched Getman's appearance. Getman has been previously charged in Austin for theft by check and two driving misdemeanors."

Paris and Paris......

sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first come love, then comes marriage then comes Paris, in a .......... According to the New York Post, "July 28, 2005 -- VANITY Fair pulled the old switcheroo on Jennifer Aniston. She was supposed to be on the October cover, but at the last minute, editor-in-chief Graydon Carter decided to put her on the September cover instead because "he was afraid too many details of her interview were leaking to the press," said our spy. The decision will likely upset Aniston, who had planned the October cover to help promote her flick, "Derailed." Now Paris Hilton will grace the October issue — a decision that has people scratching their heads. "What could Vanity Fair possibly tell us about Paris that everyone in the world doesn't know?"

LiLo looking fabulous

Kim Stewart's 6th Toe

Kim Stewart truly is an Alien. As if this picture wasn't bad enough, Kim you don't look hot tooling around in your bikini top. Look carefully at Kim's foot, is that a 6th toe?

Jessica On the Cover of Seventeen

Linday puts Family First

According to The New York Post, "July 28, 2005 -- LINDSAY Lohan abruptly called off her "Herbie: Fully Loaded" European press tour for family reasons. Lohan, who made it through the media blitz in Madrid but was "under the weather in France," is "overwhelmed by her parents' impending divorce trial," said a friend. While in London yesterday, Lohan decided to put family first and come home to New York to be with her mother, Dina, and siblings. The trial starts today."

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Awww the Simpson Sisters

Awww how cute the Simpson pictures. Ashley looks alot taller than Jessica. I liked Ashley better with the dark hair. She seems like a Jessica wannabe now.

Sienna Moving On

According to the New York Times, " WHILE Jude Law was doing the nasty with the nanny, Sienna Miller was making time with her ex, male model David Neville."

"One topic they're said to have discussed was nude photos of Miller and Neville that vanished after a burglary at his London flat."

"A friend of Neville tells us he and Miller stayed in constant contact while she was hot and heavy with Law. "She would text message David all the time," the pal notes, "saying things like, 'I'm on the beach with Jude but I'm heartbroken, I miss you and I can't stop thinking about you . . . This feels wrong.' "

Misha Barton Dates Gay Guys

So who is this mystery man Misha has been photographed with lately?

According to an article on Radar Online...."Ever since O.C. actress Mischa Barton split from oil heir Brandon Davis, photos of Barton and her alleged new beau, Hollywood stylist Johnny Wujek, have been all over the weeklies. But is the romance for real? While Barton, 19, is telling pals Wujek, 27, is her boyfriend, sources close to the pair say it’s all part of the not-so-ingenue’s plan to make her ex jealous."

“Mischa wants everyone to think she dumped Brandon,” one source says. “But the truth is, he’s the one who wanted out. She’s desperate to make him jealous and get him back.” Her tactics have been far from subtle, we’re told. For instance, when Brandon, 22, stumbled across the pair at the Roosevelt Hotel’s pool recently, Barton and Wujek immediately “went into PDA overdrive,” says a witness. “They were making out all hot and heavy right in front of Brandon, who looked pretty pissed and finally just left.”


The New York Daily News Reprots, " Is the honeymoon already over for "One Tree Hill" stars Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush, who said "I do" just three months ago? A Lowdown spy reports: "The marriage is all but done. They are separated, and she is going to file for divorce imminently." Rumors have been swirling about Murray's allegedly naughty behavior in L.A. while the missus was out of town filming "Stay Alive," a teen horror flick. Reps for the couple did not respond to detailed messages by deadline yesterday."

Nicky Hilton shopping in Beverly Hills

Kristin is on MySpace

About me: My name is Kristin, I live in Laguna Beach, most of you most likely already know me from the show, the second season is going to air in the summer of 05, it is already gnarly and its only december. Some info on me, I moved from Chicago to Laguna and I love it here! Feel free to talk to me on here I would love to keep in touch with all of you : ) I most likely wont be on a lot since I will be really busy with the show...but I'll come on every chance I get...byee!!

Jessica Simpson Outside her Hotel

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Nip Tuck is coming back to FX in September

SJP is a smoker in real life

I miss Sex in The City, but I guess SJP is getting ready for her new show. Here she is taking a smoke break on the set. Does anyone know what the name of the show is? Or when it starts?

Nicole Ritchie chillin with a friend

Look at the guy in the reflection, doesn't it look like he is standing right next to her? But where is he?

Britney Loves Kabblalah

Britney goes to a restaurant with Kabbalah booklet 7/25 Pregnant Britney Spears never leaves her Kabbalah booklet as she goes to a restaurant in Beverly Hills with a friend. Britney Spears wears a top with stripes and shows she spends a lot of time sunbathing. July 25, 2005