Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Bye, I am off to Sobe Bitches!!

Hey I am off to South Beach be back Tuesday. Sorry I was trying to post today but I can't upload pictures. Bummer.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Pitt and his instant family

More Laguna Beach at the VMA's

Damn how about last night's Laguna Beach.....Stephen is a dog. If I was LC I would be really pissed. Stephen drops by for a lousy hour after he was out romancing Kristin the night before. Let me remind you it was the day after Valentines Day when he saw LC. Looks like these two don't mind though from the pictures below it seems as if they are still sharing his ass. LC looks awesome in this pictures, Kristin ok I think she is kind of a lame dresser.

Also, Today the Times looks at the marketing behind Laguna and the potential career path of its stars:

[Kristin Cavalleri] has appeared on “Live With Regis and Kelly” and has posed for the cover of Seventeen magazine. [Stephen] Colletti, meanwhile, has posed for a fashion spread in Teen Vogue. Both Ms. Cavallari and Mr. Colletti have signed up a team of talent representatives in the hopes landing roles on scripted television shows.

The issue of Seventeen Magazine will be on newstands September 9. I guess in the interview she also discusses what was really going on with Stephen and LC. Hmmmm.....

Considering.. Some hot Laguna Beach gossip for you kids: At a VMA after-party in Miami, Jason was seen holding hands and locking face with LC. What is happening here a little switcharoo, LC isn't he a little young for you?

Me Going to Miami

Here is Jessica Simpson chilling by the Pool at the ShoreClub in Miami, where I will be in 2 days!!! Yeah!! Can't wait don't expect any posts from Thursday - Monday. Hopefully I get get some cool pics while I am there.

Tap that ass

Kev Fed and Britney head over to the recording studio where Kevin is putting his CD together. Any day now Britney. Notice how Kev Fed that smooth MF he is gives Brit a little pat. He's so gross.

Just because I can

Cameron Diaz looks terrible in this picture I just think it is funny so I posted it.

Whoa Jess have another

Who the Hell is This?

I don't know if you guys heard but Jenny McCarthy filed for divorce from her husband recently. Now she is seen tooling around with this guy. Who the Hell is This? Now granted Jen's husband was not what you would call a total looker but he was definately a 10 compared to this guy. Jen your a cute girl I think you can do better.

Ben and Jen are super cute, I love them both!!

Monday, August 29, 2005

Kiss and Make up

It's not nearly the Madonna-Britney Spears lip-lock at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, but Lindsay Lohan and Ashlee Simpson make nice for the camera backstage at this year's VMAs. Both singers – who are reportedly feuding over Lohan's ex Wilmer Valderrama – were nominees for best pop video (Lohan for "Rumors" and Simpson for "Pieces of Me"). Both were beaten out by Kelly Clarkson.

Source: JJB

Lindsay Lohan sends us a message on her Flip Flop

Thats right Fuck You.

Jennifer Love Hewitt loves the tabloids, I think she is always checking to see if she made it in. Sorry Love probably not.......

I didn't know Misha and Nicole were friends, here they are leaving the Spider Club together

Fugly Diaz leaves the Gym

Cameron Diaz leaving her gym in West Hollywood among rumors of a breakup with Justin. Both have been in Los Angeles at the same time but avoided to see each other. Justin left saturday to Las Vegas August 26, 2002

Angelina Jolie at Haitian Relief Benefit NY-08/27/05

Nicole Ritchie's new book

The Laguna Beach Cast was at the VMA's too

MTV Video Music Awards Photos

Friday, August 26, 2005

Jared Leto and Lindsay Lohan Gossip

Actors Lindsay Lohan, 19, and Jared Leto, 33, heated up the VIP section of the trendy Tropicana Bar inside L.A.'s Roosevelt Hotel on Aug. 20. Star magazine reports: "They were making out. They were totally concentrated on each other. They were talking and laughing and joking with each other for at least a half hour."

Kev Fed gets a job, its about time loser!!

Britney Spears will now only be particially supporting her man. She has convinced Kev Fed to get off his lazy ass and start shaking it. Britney Spears' husband Kevin Federline has found a job as a dance teacher. The former backing dancer will work as an instructor at choreographer Darrin Henson's dance school in Los Angeles. Darrin has previously choreographed videos for Britney, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera and 'N Sync.

Nicole looks a little rough and hangs out with a man who is not DJ AM. Although I believe they were hanging out at his new club LAX.

Me and Paris Hilton

Here is a picture of me and Paris Hilton (I am the one on the left : ) Paris is in LA filming her new movie.

Nicole Ritchie's diet secrets

According to Ted Casablanca's blind item this week: "Pixie Mixie is at it again. At a posh opening of an even more posh clothing store (Bev. H. doesn't seem to have room for that Frank Gehry-designed homeless shelter, don't know why), all the red-carpet lovelies were out, including P.M. and her supersvelte set. Okay, let's get real. Lots of these gals ain't stayin' stick-like by avoiding flour and sugar. They're candy-nosed outta their designer-clad gourds, got it? So, next time you read about Ms. Pixie telling some insipid trend rag that she keeps thin via yoga and granola, head to the nearest stall and barf for me, 'kay? Besides, that's precisely where you might find Pi-doll, as she was (as usual) at the gala gathering. But get this: As Pixie sniffed and sniffed louder than a bovine with influenza, a journalist for a TV network walked in the ladies' room. "Is anybody there?" called out a paranoid and suddenly nasal-silent P.M. "No, nobody!" yelled the crafty reporter. Pixie then walked out of the toilet area (without flushing, how odd), not exactly knowing what to do. She wiped her nose and left. The journo took note (and how!), so watch where you snort next, Ms. Two-by-Four."

The THE SUPERFICIAL had a guessing game and these are the results, "You say: Despite the fact that Mr. Casablanca is using his blind items to relentlessly hammer home the Hollywood truisms that a) every actor is at least a little bit gay and b) every actress under 125 pounds has a raging coke problem, you responded enthusiastically. This week, you pointed the oddly unclipped nail on your collective pinky finger at Nicole Richie, doubting that even a personal trainer and the total eradication of harmful carbs from her diet are not to blame for her lithe, 13-year-old-boy figure. Almost as many of you waggled a finger in Lindsay Lohan’s direction, but the NR carried the day. Seriously, if Lindsay Lohan didn’t have fat ankles (no amount of blow will de-cankle somebody), how would anyone tell them apart? You say: Others on the wrong end of your scorn: Mischa Barton, Sarah Michelle Gellar, various Olsens, Eva Longoria, and Angelina Jolie (Gehry? Whatupwiththat, Ted?)"

But what does DJ AM say about these allegations made about Nicole........

Jennifer and Vince get cozy in Chi-Town

The THE SUPERFICIAL had a reader write this: i was just at the house of blues in chicago at a Dwight Yoakem concert and Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston showed up together and were hugging and kissing and dancing together…if they aren’t dating then it’s the biggest lie in town.

Alex from Laguna on MySpace

Alex from Laguna Beach is on myspace. She is trying to start her music career.

  • MohawkS do not look good on anyone, except Maddox

    Natalie Portman is a very beautiful girl but even she cannot pull off a Mohawk.