Friday, September 30, 2005

Tara Reid in November's Arena Magazine

Jesse Metcalfe and friends leave a club (LAX) last night

Jesse Metcalfe leaves nightclub LAX with friends. He is so hot! I think that is his new woman in the back with the cowboy boots on.....I forget her name?

Stephen from Laguna Parties with Paris and Trishelle (from real world vegas)

Look the Laguna Girls Know Trishelle too....

Happy Friday!!

Lindsay chaneling Barbarella

Here are a couple of photos taken from Lindsay Lohan's video shoot. Her little sis is making an appearance in the video, how cute. Apparently she had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction while on set her dress dropped and her breasts made a very brief appearance.

Gee Tara I don't know why everyone things your a Party Girl???

September 30, 2005 -- TARA Reid is bordering on a breakdown now that her E! show, "Taradise," has been officially canceled and other offers of work have dried up, her friends say.

The "American Pie" star — who has fired her publicist and moved back to New York — had a "complete meltdown" Wednesday during a rambling interview for Chaunce Hayden's Steppin' Out magazine, Hayden tells PAGE SIX.

Reid's voice cracked, and she sounded on edge as she told Hayden:

"How many more years are [the media] going to pick on me? There's other new young bad girls. Move on to someone else! . . . I need one more great movie role so they say, 'Wow, she can act! She's a great actress.' Then I think they'll leave me alone . . . If I'm going to try and do something, it has to happen this year. I'm not stupid."

Reid was recently photographed being helped out of a club as her denim skirt rode up, revealing a sadly out-of-shape derriere. Hollywood insiders say she has gained at least 15 pounds and will have to undertake a fitness regimen before she gets parts. But Reid blames the media.

"People think [I am just a party girl], and it's bull[bleep]," she ranted to Hayden. "I wish they would just tell the truth. I'm not a drunk . . . I don't have a drinking problem. I don't have a drug problem, for sure.

"Listen, if I could get good movies, you would never see me going out. But when there's nothing to do, what am I supposed to do, just sit in my house and go crazy? But going out is not all I do.

"I'm just fed up. I just want a chance again. I want to show that I am an actress . . . I just wish a director would believe in me.

"The gossip reporters know the truth. They know they could write good things about me. They could write I'm a good person who is cleaning up her act. I am getting older, and I want different things in my life. I want to get married and have kids.

"I've had a million publicists, and they've done nothing for me . . . Publicists are supposed to fight for me and believe in me, and they don't do that. They don't!

"I thought 'Taradise' was going to help me . . . I wanted to show the whole world the truth — I'm fun . . . But do I think it was cut like that? No. It could have been a better show . . . I didn't want to look like a total party-girl drug retard. I think the shots they show aren't fair."


Thursday, September 29, 2005

Britney is concerned about getting back into shape

baby blues

Jessica Alba on TRL

I like her.... The outfit she wore on TRL is adorable I want a jacket just like that.

Jessica Alba

The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Nick 1 Nick2

If you got um, Play with um?

Tyra will do anything to make sure her show makes it. Tyra

Lindsay Lohan Nude

Lindsay Lohan is set to bare all for an upcoming Vanity Fair cover. The 19-year-old star, who has been the subject of weightloss stories in the media for the past year, is eager to show off her healthy figure - and she reportedly has chosen to get naked for the magazine. According to In Touch magazine, Lohan shot the top-secret cover photo on a beach in Malibu, Calif., last week - and it was actually her idea to pose naked. A source says, "It was Paris Hilton's recent Vanity Fair cover, where she's topless and covering her breasts with her arms, that inspired Lindsay to push the envelope even further." In some of the Vanity Fair photos, Lindsay mimics her idol, Marilyn Monroe.


Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Jessica Simpsons new Sweet Line

Jessica Simpson is at it again -- she's launching yet another candy-coated beauty line, which she's naming after her 1999 album, Sweet Kisses. This will be the fourth of her kissable collections -- following Dessert, Taste and Treats -- but this time, it'll be available exclusively at Wal-Mart, instead of Sephora, which has carried most of her previous lines. Sweet Kisses, hitting shelves in October, comes in the new flavors of vanilla cupcake, creme brulee and strawberry sorbet, and will include flavored fragrance, hair and body shimmer mist, body frosting and lip gloss. "Sweet Kisses is very personal to me, and I can't wait to share it," Simpson said.

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More Pictures of Britney and Sean Preston (or at least his blanket)

Oh Daddy Federline.....

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Are They or Aren't They?

Paris Hilton is such a publicity whore it is hard to tell what is real and fake with her, besides the obvious hair, nose, colored contact lenses (her real eye color is brown), but anyway...I don't know when these photos were taken. Could they be sneaking around behind Mr. Paris's Parents backs?

Kimberly Stewart with Nicky Hilton

Has Kim Stewart had some work done? Like a total face make over. You know how I feel about this girl she sucks, but she doesn't look half bad in these photos and usually she looks like totally WT.

American pop celebrities Kimberly Stewart and Nicky Hilton pose for photographers prior to an autograph signing session at Chadstone shopping centre in Melbourne, on Tuesday, 27 September 2005. The pair are touring Australia as part of a consumer fashion brand promotion.

Jessica Simpson Looking Fabulous and then....Not so Fabulous

Aliana Lohan - Lindsay Lohan's Little Sis, isn't she cute

Everyone in Hollywood is a Man Whore or in Tori Spelling's case just a Whore

According to Page Six:

"Murray, who cheated on her (Bush) during their engagement (he hooked up with castmate Paris Hilton while filming “The House of Wax”), kept right on cheating after they wed. According to Us Weekly, “He cheats on her constantly and doesn’t even try to hide it.” Another cheater? A.J. DiScala, the hubby/manager of “Sopranos” star Jamie-Lynn DiScala, the magazine says. Meanwhile, Tori Spelling, who cheated on and left her hubby Charlie Shanian last week, has moved in with the object of her lust, actor Dean McDermott."

I mean what a bunch of followers you guys are. I will say it now I never liked that Chad Michael Murray. I didn't like him on that MTV show when they were filming the House of Wax. He seemed like the biggest prick to me. I will tell you though I am really shocked by A.J. DiScala I mean he cried at his wedding, I just don't get it. The grass is always greener on the other side huh boys? (By boys I am including Tori Spelling) I am very proud of Jamie-Lynn and Sophia for kicking their asses to the curb!

Source: Page Six

Happy Birthday Hilary! She turns 18 today!

It's official Hillary Duff turns 18 today. God it seems like just yesterday when all she could do is talk about getting her driving license. Well now you can talk to all your fans about legally buying those packs of P-Funks now, and soon it will be that bottle of Grey Goose. Lots of things to look forward to Hilary. It's a happy day and Happy Birthday.

Jennifer Garner lets one Rip on The Tonight Show.....I mean Slip...

On the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, while talking about something that sounded very boring, Jennifer Garner let it slip that she is going to give birth to a girl.

source: The Tonight Show

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

WTF Mandy Moore in REHAB, What is the world coming to? Ok Maybe....It is funny though

Pop starlet Mandy Moore, 21, has checked herself into a substance abuse and psychiatric hospital for a "personal problem," it has been revealed. The singer-actress entered the Silver Hill Hospital in New Canaan, Connecticut, to get help but no specific details of her condition have been released. A statement from her Los Angeles publicist, said: "Mandy Moore recently checked herself into Silver Hill Hospital for a planned 10-day stay to deal with a specific and personal problem that had recently developed." "Moore scheduled her stay in Silver Hill several days ago and expects to leave on Tuesday (October 4th), as planned." Mariah Carey was admitted to the same hospital following her emotional breakdown in 2001.

  • JJB

  • Kristin from Laguna's New Beau

    This guys name is Brody Jenner. He is the guy that was on "Princes of Malibu." Aww reality stars find true love. The guy is hot too!!

    Tori Spelling is HOT.....Not, Definately NOT!

    Wow she must be taking her divorce kind of hard. She seems to have left her house minus her staple (orange colored makeup). Tori I hated the orange makeup, especially when you applied it in between your boobs, that was just terrible....but I have to admit, I don't know if it was spray paint you were using or what but it definately made you look alot better. I would think twice before leaving home again without it.

    Kristin from Laguna Beach in Rolling Stone Magazine

    Geez what happens you get famous someone asks you to take your clothes off and you think, "What the Hell." Well thats what Kristin from Laguna Beach decided to do. I guess she thinks it worked for Paris Hilton why can't it work for me too. Kristin is totally dying to become famous, I really hope for her sake she lasts longer than 15 minutes.

    Lindsay and Wilmer Hook Up

    Lindsay Lohan spending the night at Wilmer Valderrama's place friday night after meeting him at club X and leaving in the morning. September 24, 2005. Whoa this is going to add to the whole Ashley Simpson and Lindsay Lohan fued. Especially since Ashley's song, "I didn't steal your boyfriend" was released. Looks like Lindsay may have stole yours though huh Ash? I love the drama....