Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dancing with the Stars broke up the Barkers

LATEST: Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker and wife Shanna Moakler decided to end their marriage because she agreed to become a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. The couple announced they were separating earlier this month August 8, 2006, amid rumors the former Miss USA was unfaithful during their marriage.

However, a source close to Moakler tells Us Weekly her participation in the show was the real reason behind the split, saying, "When he found out, he flipped and told her he wanted a wife, not a Hollywood socialite."

Barker posted a rant on his MySpace Web page on August 14, claiming he first heard about his wife's new gig from his real estate agent.

Moakler has slammed reports she was unfaithful during their marriage and tells the magazine, "I'm seriously concerned for his mental well-being. "Perhaps the lifestyle that he leads is taking its toll. For the sake of our children I hope he seeks help."


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