Friday, August 25, 2006

Justin Timberfuck's Spread In Fashion Rocks Magazine

There was a SexyBack Club Tour last night in Philadelphia and I guess it was pretty awful.

First, the concert was supposed to start at 9:00pm. He had no opener, no other entertainment and still failed to come on until 10:15pm. Around 10:00, the crowd started booing him for taking so long. When he finally came on, his stage presence was HORRIBLE. He literally stood in one place almost the entire time. His dance moves included copying Michael Jackson and moonwalking about 10% of the time all while bouncing his arms and grabbing his crotch.

During "Cry Me a River," he repeatedly gave the finger, humped the ground-himself-the air and made blow job faces. He also changed a few words in the song so that he could curse more frequently.

His quote of the night was, "Hey guys! Thanks for coming. My album comes out next month and I hope you like it. If not ... -insert laughter- ... fuck you."

To listen to Justin's album Click Here

Source: ONTD

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